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Tom Skilling
Chief Meteorologist
WGN TV CW Chicago
Noon and 9pm
Weather Anchor

Tom Skilling serves as WGN Channel 9 CW Chicago Chief Meteorologist. Tom Skilling has set the bar for the TV Meteorologist. With being seen on WGN Superstation around the globe as well on the internet, He has established himself as "The Local TV Weatherman" Tom Skilling celebrates over 40th Years in The Weather Business, as well as over 30 Years as a Meteorologist. Next Year in 2008 will mark Tom's 30th Year at Channel 9. Tom has been a fixture at WGN. Tom has not only served as Meteorologist, but has served as Host for many parades Televised by Channel 9, as well as other events WGN does. Tom truly loves what He does, He has a true passion for weather. Anyone who sits down with Tom will come to realize very quickly How much weather means to Him. We the viewing Public, cherish Tom's forecasts and really appreciate what Tom has accomplished.

Tom never phones it in, He speaks from the heart. Weather is something that can effect Our lives in big ways, and Tom respects that and tries His very best to let us know what the weather will be.
Tom forecast is not dry bones. If You want to know what the temperature is or whether it is going to rain turn on the Weather Channel 101, but if You really want to what the weather is doing, how it is doing it and why it is doing it, You gotta check out Tom's forecast. Tom's forecast is perfect for the meteorologically educated TV Viewer.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tom Skilling, who gives all Human Beings a good name. Tom has enough compassion, desire, kindness, and love for all of us to go around.

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                                    Tom Skilling
                             Chief Meteorologist
                            WGN TV CW Chicago
                                  Noon and 9pm
                                Weather Anchor

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