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Mark Saxenmeyer
Special Projects Reporter

Fox News


Well You know, Fox News Chicago provides a vital resource for The Chicagoland TV Viewer A resource for News, weather, sports, etc. But also there are times when special stories need to be told. Stories that go beyond typical informational type News. Stories with a purpose, with a message, and with hope. Mark Saxenmeyer currently serves as Special Projects Reporter For Fox Chicago. Mark creates those special stories or Special Reports We see on Fox News Chicago. You know those 3 to 4 minute magazine style in depth special stories. Mark brings the TV Viewer a wide variety of subjects ranging from fun to heartbreaking. Mark captures just about everything when it comes to this segments.

Mark has been at Fox Chicago for nearly 15 years, bringing the TV viewer his Special Reports.

Aside from his duties at FOX, Mark has founded an independent and not-for-profit documentary company called The Reporters Inc. which specializes in subjects and issues that are either overlooked or ignored by the mainstream media.

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                               Mark Saxenmeyer
                        Special Projects Reporter

Fox News

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