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Mike Kara Radio Show -
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Florida Brewery
"Silverking Brewing 
An Interview With 
Bret Gamrot
Owner & Operator 
of Silverking Brewing

Tapron Springs, Florida

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Mike Kara Radio Show -
"Fantastic Florida"

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Mike Kara Radio Show - "Fantastic Florida"
Internet Radio Show

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Welcome To The Official Website For Mike Kara Radio Show - "Fantastic Florida". It is my pleasure to be able to speak and feature people, bands, musicians, Radio & Television Personalities from Florida, Community leaders, and organizations of interest in Florida.
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You will be able to listen to My Radio Program, right from this website. Each program is divided roughly into 3 nine minute parts. Within this time, I will try to bring You as much content as I can.

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5/22/18 - Edition of The Mike Kara Radio Show - Fantastic Florida
Florida Brewery Showcase
Featuring "Silverking Brewing Company"
An Interview With Bret Gamrot
Owner & Operator of Silverking Brewing Company
Tapron Springs, Florida

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