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Byron Harlan
                  News Anchor & Reporter
                            for Fox Chicago 
                        WFLD Channel 32


Byron Harlan currently serves as both Weekend News Anchor as well as Day Shift Reporter for Fox Chicago WFLD Channel 32. Since 1997 Byron has served as Weekend News Anchor, and has brought a very unique, innovative, edgy perspective to The Weekend Newscast. Byron has cracked some of the top stories happening in Chicago and takes alot of pride in what He does. He is able to produce a quality product in the stories He covers and his job as anchor. Byron is not the stereotypical "Talking Head", such as Will Farrell's "Ron Burgundy". He brings that edge that is needed in good reporting. Byron often will change the News Copy if He feel what He is reading is not the highest quality it can be. Byron just doesn't read the News, He is the News, in what He does on and off the air and How He does it.

Byron is also a experienced marathon Runner, completing well over a half dozen marathons and has completed 31.1 mile competitions as well. One of Byron's loves is Music. Byron plays all types of Bass Guitar and is involved in several musical projects, including a Jazz Trio. Byron plans soon to enter the Financial Planning field. So Byron is almost as busy as I am, with all His projects.

Although Born and Raised in San Diego, California, Byron has been a staple in Chicago Television News for over a decade. Byron looks forward to what the future brings, but is very happy with the present and all He has accomplished.

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                                    Byron Harlan
                                 News Anchor & Reporter
                                        for Fox Chicago
                                       WFLD Channel 32

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